Wednesday, 4 May 2016

She Takes Beautiful Photographs of Deer Beds

I'm borderline obsessed with these photographs of 'deer beds' by Brooklyn-based photographer Katherine Wolkoff and can't stop staring at them. There is also a beautiful
and transporting story them: Katherine took a walk through meadows near her mum's house on Block Island (off the coast of Montauk on Long Island, New York) where there are lots of deer. She followed the paths the deer made and found their beds. "It was a very poetic experience," she said. "I felt as if the beds were still warm – that the living, breathing animal had just departed."

Psst. More incredible art: These paintings that look like photographs.


  1. Have coveted one of her photographs a while now. Great to see them here :-) Xx

    1. Thanks so much. They're so beautiful, aren't they? I'm off to NY to Friday so hoping to take a peek at the real thing. :-)