Monday, 15 June 2015

How to Dress Like a New Yorker

I'm back from New York and had a fabulous time, obv. But every time I come home, I vow that I’ll dress more ‘New Yorkie’ (don't laugh). Just to explain, I don't want to
emultate those über-rich Park Avenue wives with their fur coats, plastic surgery and teeny tiny dogs slung under one arm. I mean those stylish, earthy downtowners. The ones who glide along the pavements looking effortless and super slick. But how exactly do some New York women achieve their gorgeous style?

They're practical, dressing for the weather and what they're doing that day. They take inspiration from all those chic Parisians, wear dark colours, casual yet tailored shapes and carry an eye catching accessory – but NEVER an IT bag. IT but not IT...

It's all about the shoes. New Yorkers pound pavements, so they choose walkable, wearable shoes look stylish.

They dress up a simple, wearable outfit with an 'out there' accessory. Still not an IT bag in sight. Again, those shoes are made for walking...

They rock the preppy look effortlessly.

If you're feeling a bit 'hipster', you could add a bit of edge, – a cloth tote, Comey ankle boots – and grab yourself a tattooed up boyfriend for the full effect.

(Photos via The Sartorialist)

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