Friday, 3 July 2015

A Present from New York

Reader and fellow blogger, Susie SoSo, spotted my new summer bag on Instagram and asked me where it's from. So, let me introduce you to the
Clare V. Kenya bag from Steven Alan in New York.

It's amazing because it's not too big; not too small. It's just right but you can fit so much into it. There's also a pretty tan leather purse inside for all those annoying things that tend to disappear into the bottom-of-bag vortex. It's great for work, picnics, the beach, swimming, shopping, out and about.... everything.

What do you think? It was a holiday treat - I wouldn't usually spend this much on a bag; especially one made of straw – so here's a cheaper option I love too.


  1. I've just been to look at the bag on the Clare V site and it's lush. It's worth it. Some things are. I'm not a great one for designer label IT bags but I don't mind paying for something which I genuinely like, like this. It's the perfect colour, design and size. All the reasons you said. Now ... I shall have to stalk this and find out how I can own one of these!

    1. I do think it was a little out my price range, but it's v good quality and a timeless style. Would you describe this as an IT bag? I did get a bit of a discount in NY - there are always sales going on over there. I'll keep my eye out for you Susie SoSo.