Friday, 21 August 2015

There's an Entire Blog Dedicated to Things Organised Neatly

Speaking of camping, while I was looking for vintage camping photos, I came across this amazing Tumblr feed called... Things Organised Neatly. My jaw
dropped when I saw this OCD-style collection of 70s-inspired camping gear. All that orange, khaki and yellow. That guitar, that gingham cloth, that round water bottle, cine camera, orange oil lamp... There's even an axe. I'm blown away by the amount of detail in this photos, but it doesn't stop at camping. Things Organised Neatly is a feast for the eyes, showcasing arrangements of all sorts of items, from every part of a vintage typewriter, to perfectly organised kitchen sets, lollipops, and cactuses. 

Things organised neatly lollipops

This brilliant project is curated by Indiana designer Austin Radcliffe, who contrary to what you probably think, is not  a neat freak. 'I do like to use a lot of folders and bags and containers... to organise things, but overall my apartment is quite cluttered,' he told Print Mag. 'The blog definitely came out of image appreciation, not organisation obsession.' 

Things organised neatly paintbrushes

Things organised neatly maths instruments

Things organised neatly coke cans

Things organised neatly pink plastic items in supermarket

To create the blog, Radcliffe sifts through submissions from artists, photographers and hobbyists, and only publishes photos that meets standards he has. 'I have a high standard for the images that go on my site; for image quality, objects' relevance to one another, and of course, neatness… but if the image quality isn't good enough, I can't put it on my site.' 

Things organised neatly cake

Things organised neatly book covers

Things organised neatly book covers

There are also pictures he can't show, as Print Mag found out. 'I sometimes also get illicit drugs organised neatly. Again, I’m glad to have the fans, but I try to keep the site family friendly. Only one time have I taken an image down because it offended people. It was a poster with Stefan Sagmeister in his underwear, just sitting on the couch with a bunch of food packages organised neatly. People wrote in and said “My children read this site” & “Who do you think you are?” I thought, I’ve seen much worse images on TV or in public, but I decided to concede. My parents are both elementary school teachers, so they keep me in check.'

I could stare at all of these collections for hours, and this is just a few of them. See Things Organised Neatly on Tumblr or Instagram.


  1. Now this is MY kind of thing! Is it weird I get a kick out of neatness and order?! I actually get a sense of achievement when everything is tidy and in its place. This is spellbinding though...the rug is divine...and the tennis ball is beautiful. LOVE! 😍

  2. I love the cake! Although I probably wouldn't organise my food in this way at home...