Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Do You Have a Party Trick?

My friend and I were talking about party tricks the other day. He said he could guess the correct age of any celebrity. Naturally I put his so-called skills to the test and on
form, he got most of them right. Even the most random (Des O'Connor (!!), Thierry Henry, Martha Stewart). Impressive. If there was a quiet moment at a party, this is the perfect way to get everyone competing to think of the most hilarious, obscure and random celebrities.

My trick is to win the cereal box game. You have to pick up the box with your mouth, and every round it gets a little shorter, until it's just a flat piece of card on the floor. You can play with two people, but it's better with a big group. Everyone gets really into it.

Here are some more ideas I've found online and by talking to people:

Turning whisky into water (fast forward about a minute; it's worth it)

Knowing all the words to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Turn a tea towel into a… chicken?!

Moonwalk. Needs serious practice but always a favourite.

Get an egg into a narrow bottle. A new one on me.

Make a human table – Google it. It's really fascinating. Although best done before everyone is drunk.

Make a spoon float.

And if you want to shock, here's how to... swallow a balloon

(Photo via Vintage Es)

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