Thursday, 3 September 2015

I Wish Food Packaging Still Looked Like This...

Backstage at Ellie & Co, I'm in the very early stages of thinking about a design. But when it comes to decorating, one must look around for inspiration. On the look out for
beautiful typography and shapes, I came across these vintage produce crate labels from a collection at the Boston Public Library. I wish food packaging still looked like this, today. Here's the backstory:

'Prior to World War II, produce was packed in wooden crates with attractive labels, designed to catch the buyer's eye, pasted on the ends. After the onset of war, rationing, cost-cutting and a search for cheaper materials in every industry motivated the fruit packers to experiment with cardboard containers.

Since wooden crates were more labor intensive and most available manpower was involved with the war effort, cardboard containers eventually prevailed. By the early 1950s, wooden crates had almost disappeared from the packing houses. The transition to cardboard containers left warehouses full of unused labels.'

Would you be excited for an Ellie & Co design?

You can discover more of these amazing designs on the Boston Public Library's Flickr page.

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