Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Internet scrapbook No.2

1. A cool compendium of American home design through the years.

Brooklyn design company Pop Chart Lab carried out extensive research into 300 years of American domestic design history and turned it into one simple poster.
Architecture dates from 17th-century Postmedieval abodes to the 'McMansions' of the 90s, and they've also tackled compendiums of beer, basketball tops and Apple products. 

Found first on FastCoDesign.

2. MI6 once hacked into an Al Qaeda website and replaced bomb-making instructions with a cup cake recipe. Full story here

3. The picture of himself Adolf Hitler (understandably) had banned.

Hmmm, it's not hard to see why the evil dictator was keen to wipe out evidence of his scout master-chic photoshoot. This hilarious yet completely disturbing picture of Adolf Hitler sporting knee-high socks and shorts was found inside a tattered book in a bomb-blasted house in Germany by an Allied soldier, Alf Robinson, in 1945. The book turned out to be a propaganda fanzine called Deutschland Erwach (Germany Awaken), and the photo was one of many banned by Hilter for being 'beneath one's dignity'.

4. Introducing Baddie Winkle – the 87-year-old Instagram star.

Helen Van Winkle, 87, is from Knoxville in Tennessee. She set up an Instagram to explore her 'baddie' alter ego and now has 1.3 million followers. Look at that bad boy outfit, I'm actually intrigued that there is actually such an ensemble in existence. You can follow her, here

Found on Stylist.

5. The tiny artificial island in Germany built on piles and piles of stones... 

Wilhelmstein Island is a tiny island on Lake Steinhude in northwestern Germany, based on piles of stones that were carried there by fishermen in their boats in the 1700s. It was then turned into a military fortress a few years later and is now a tourist attraction. 

Found on So Bad So Good

6. Actress Marlene Dietrich kisses a soldier returning home from the war, 1945.

Marlene Dietrich kisses an American GI as he arrives back in New York from WW2 on the Monticello. First published in Life Magazine.

7. Can you believe Airplane is still popular after 35 years? 

To celebrate the 35th birthday of the low-budget spoof movie Airplane, has put together a 'best bits' feature. See the full story, here. (Confession: it's a family favourite, I grew up watching it and it's not unusual to hear various members of my family reciting catchphrases.)

8. If you don't mind heights, you'll appreciate this sky-high swimming pool.

People living in the new Embassy Gardens complex in South London will get to swim between apartment blocks and enjoy views across the city from the completely transparent 25m-long 'Sky Pool'. Not an experience for the feint hearted (like me).

Found on Dezeen

9. Ancient Japanese woodblock art gets an amazing modern makeover.

Japanese artist, Segawa Thirty-Seven is turning traditional Japanese art works into animations – and adding sci-fi and modern elements such as Segways (don't mention Usain Bolt) and alien landscapes. 

Found on This Is Colossal.

10. A loner's guide to the big city

New York-based company Soundwalk produces dreamy-sounding audio guides that mix fiction and reality that offer exclusive and poetic discovery of a city. Have a look, here.

11. Surf's up (along with a cool-at-first-then-a-bit-scary-and-dramatic French soundtrack) 

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  1. I can't believe Airlplane is as old as that! Even after all that time, each time you watch it, you still find something funny that you hadn't noticed before! Still one of my faves! And the kinetic Japanese art is truly amazing, not to mention the picture that Hitler didn't manage to destroy! Keep fascinating snippets and articles like this coming!