Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Internet scrapbook No.3

1. Rare photographs of The Doors performing at the Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival, 1967.

These amazing photographs of Jim Morrison and The Doors were taken by Victoria Joyce while the band performed at Mount Tamalpais Park in Mill Valley, California, during the KFRC Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival, June 10 1967. 

Found on Vintage Everyday

2. Disney struts its stuff into the fashion world.

Teeny tiny shoe ornaments inspired by Disney characters created by Disney Design Group artists Cody Reynolds and Costa Alavezos...

Found on Style Bubble.

3. Hand drawn map that captures the frenetic energy of London. 

British map designer, Fuller, has spent the past nine years exploring London on foot and bike taking lots of notes, and creating this intricately drawn map which documents his time and experience in the city. Drawn in blank ink on mounting board, it's filled with personal memories and social commentary, and is designed to be an artefact. The original is 3ft x 4ft.

Found on Wired.

4. Let's go to China’s spectacular 'red beach'.

Panjim Red Beach in China is not technically beach, but the world's largest wetland area situated off an estuary in north-east China. It's covered in a type of seaweed called Sueda. It starts growing in April and May, stays green in the summer before turning this vivid red colour in the autumn – at which point attracting coach-loads of tourists. 

Found on Bored Panda.

5. Inside my fridge iPhone case.

Found on The Fancy.

6. Book-shaped business cards.

Singapore-based design house, Paul & Marigold, has designed a collection of mini business cards, designed to look like classic novels.

Found on Behance.

7. Cat bread and unicorn buns....

Cat-mad bread and cake baker from Leeds, Lou Lou P, transforms your ordinary average loaf and bun into witty creations such as cats, pugs and... unicorns, among other things. You can see all of Lou Lou P's work on her Facebook page, here

Found on Stylist.

8. Edith Piaf and Django Reinhardt, circa 1940.

Found on Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

9. All eyes on us...

Found on Jenn Kitagawa.

10. Before and after: a building is dramatically transformed in Thailand.

IDIN Architects has converted a run-down building in Thailand into a four-bedroom family home along with a retails space for the owner's jewellery shop business. 

See more pictures at Contemporist.

11. A journey into deepest darkest Mexico.

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