Friday, 27 November 2015

A Funny Adult Colouring Book

Apparently colouring in is the new way for stressed-out adults to unwind and decompress. Who knew? I must admit to having raised a sceptical eyebrow when I read about this new
health trend. Even so, I couldn't resist a quick online search into the world of adult colouring books which sure enough turned up hundreds of books, most of them sickly and twee, except for this funny, off-beat option which caught my eye – called The Passive Aggressive Colouring Book (for people who just don't get the whole calm thing). Designed by illustrator, Charlotte Farmer, it's perfect for those of us who would reluctantly admit that something so childish as colouring in pictures could actually help us relax. 

You can pre-order your copy from the Hive, here

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