Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Internet Scrapbook No.7

1. Photographs of... nowhere in particular.

If you weren't hankering after a road trip, you will be now. Photographer Matthias Heiderich captured all these beautiful but lifeless shots in his series 'Nowhere in

particular' during a road trip through British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Wyoming between June and September 2015.

Found on Behance.

2. Cacti coasters.

By Clive Roddy via Miss Moss. You can buy them here.

3. Someone has a thing for... garage doors.

Artist Agne Gintalaite first became interested in the 'garage towns' of her native Lithuania after she discovered one close to her local IKEA. Residential roads in her country are too small for cars, so these large sprawling carparks were built to accommodate them, but are often a bus ride away from the drivers' homes. Her series, Beauty Remains, is a collection of all the garage doors she has discovered on her explorations.

Via This Is Colossal

4. A unicorn tape dispenser!

Via The Fancy.

5. London cats of the 1950s.

These beautiful pictures of London cats were taken from photojournalist, Thurston Hopkins's very first Picture Post essay, called Cats of London, published in 1951. It's likely he met them while walking around the streets of London on other assignments – many lost their homes and owners during the Blitz so often made homes in the bombsites, living wild on the scraps they could find. There was no such thing as the catflap at that point, so even cats with good homes hung out on the streets when they were 'put out for the night'. 

6. A Tiki cake...

Via Pinterest.

7. The bird man of Chennai, India.

Camera repairman, Sekar, lives in Chennai and cares for 4000 parakeets that live near his home each day, spending almost half of what he earns on looking after them! He took on this responsibility 10 years ago after a Tsunami when he noticed a pair of displaced green parakeets perched near his back porch. He immediately started to feed them with rice from his home, and the birds soon nested nearby and slowly – and then not so slowly – began to multiply.

8. 77 iconic Bond Girl outfits.

Via Stylist.

9. Heidi Klum's amazing Halloween outfit.

Every year, supermodel Heidi Klum hosts a Halloween. party and this year, she dressed up as Jessica Rabbit, but I can't help loving this one from a couple of years ago the most, when an Oscar-winning make-up team turned her into a wrinkly old lady.

10. The London restaurant with 'Press for Champagne' buttons at every table

It's an experienced that's been described as dining inside a Faberge egg. Bob Bob Ricard in London's Soho is a restaurant with a statement interior, where the tables are waited by staff . in uniform, always milling around but on the off-chance their run off their pretty feet, you can always 'press for champagne'...

11. On being human.

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