Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Wig Party!

My friend threw a wig party for his birthday last weekend and it was a BIG success. He wore a 'surprise' wig picked out by his wife and given to him on the night – no backing

out. Even now I can't stop laughing to myself! So for a window into my (sometimes silly) social life, here are some pictures from the night if you'd care to see.

Dan and I accidentally ended up looking like the most unlikely couple: Axel Rose and Janet Street-Porter out for the night...

It was fun to imagine what everyone's new name would be and what kind of career they might have. Below, meet screenwriter, Judy, and Hans the CEO of a top-end global architects' practice. 

Here's Hans talking to Axel, the woodcrafter from Seattle...

Here's Marion, a secretary and Lucinda, the hostess, a performance artist...

Overall, the boys should have won prizes... they all looked fantastic and hilarious in equal measure.

Time for cake... (making sure not to set alight to that wig! Imagine.)

Swapping hair was obviously going to start happening.

So there you have it. 

Would you throw a wig party?


  1. 'Marion' could be a news reader with 'Hans'.

  2. Wig or hat parties are always winners as it removes you from the norm and gives everyone some thing to talk about x

    1. And is easier to do than full-on fancy dress. x