Friday, 16 December 2016

The Brighton Hotel I Could Live In

I often get asked by readers planning a trip to Brighton to recommend a charming and inexpensive hotel, so in absence of an Ellie & Co Hotel Guide (which my lovely readers I can
assure you I’m busy working on), here’s a place I love to direct people to: The Artist Residence, a unique, charming and inexpensive addition to the city’s small hotel scene, which I tried out to celebrate my wedding anniversary after forgetting to plan something, and found it impossible to leave. Here's a little peek inside to help inspire your next trip to the seaside.

The first great thing about this charming hotel is its address at number 33 Regency Square, which just happens to be one of the city's best – overlooking that crumbling Victorian icon, the West Pier. That view.

Inside each of the rooms are different and there's lots of exposed brick, weathered furniture, velvet armchairs, pop art posters, random pieces of vintage furniture – just how you imagine a 1960s bohemian artist with impeccable taste and old money would decorate his home – all thoughtfully put together with love by its two young owners, hoteliers Justin Salisbury and Charlotte Newey, who have turned the place around from a run-down weather-worn B&B to a stylish boutique hotel. 

Discovering the guest lounge feels like stepping back in time into the breezy conservatory of an old-time colonial hotel, decorated with chintzy wallpaper, cane furniture, a stack of boardgames and filled with the mesmerising sound of birdsong.

The cool cafe and restaurant called The Set are both favourites with the locals (obviously a good sign) – and get pretty busy at night, too.

Oh, not forgetting... there are two bars. At The Cocktail Shack, the waiters wear Hawaiian shirts and serve up deliciously strong cocktails with witty sounding names, like Tequila Mockingbird and Cachaca in the Rye; while down in the basement is The Curious Mr Hanbury, Brighton's best kept secret cocktail bar. Perfect for staggering home upstairs to bed purposes.

Find The Artist Residence at 33 Regency Square, Brighton BN1 2GG.


  1. Oh that looks amazing! And I think it's good to stay local for a night. Makes you see the place you live in differently. x

    1. It's such a lovely hotel and really cheap! And it made me want to move across town! x

  2. Looks wonderful, just my type of understated! :-) Xx

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  4. I'd move in...wonder how much a floor would be? My eclectic old style would fit. HMMMM>>>>HA!! Wow!! And how is the Victorian pier now?
    ~Cooks Falls Lodge~