Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Cool Beach House on Brighton's Hidden Terrace

Browsing estate agent listings, even if you’re not moving, is so addictive and today I came across a particularly special property, in large part due to its location, location,

This four-bedroom Art Deco beach house has a backstage pass to one of the most exclusive addresses in the city, along a hidden terrace on the Western Esplanade. This is where you get your own private beach to run around on and you can count Adele, Paul McCartney, Fat Boy Slim and David Walliams as your neighbours… you know, like one does. 

The master bedroom looks right out to sea, with its own balcony for morning yawns and arm stretching while surveying your kingdom of seaside-dom, or intimate candlelight dinners with a bottle of fine Sussex wine…

I can just picture the scene: you've just settled down for a luxurious bubble bath when Norman Fat Boy comes strolling on past with his son Woody, waving hello as you grab for your towel... awkward.

If you lived here in the 50s when the row was in its heyday, you'd have been partying with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey... apparently.

While for most of us, snooping around this house is for dream purposes only, if you want to know the damage you can find the price here.

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