Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A Stroll Through Candy-Coloured Cape Town

Exploring Cape Town’s cobblestone streets of colourful homes I'd heard so much about has been on my bucket list ever since I first discovered my fascination for the South African city
and multi-coloured houses (prrrrrrrrobably circa 1996 during one slightly drunken Notting Hill Carnival). In fact, no sooner had we settled into our leafy neighbourhood, did we hot-foot it over for a nose around this intriguing candy-coloured wonderland.

It's an area called Bo Kaap meaning 'upper Cape' and you'll find it on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre. Painted all kinds of vivid colours, this jumble of crumbling and restored heritage houses and mosques along cobblestone streets are a storybook of inner city gentrification, with an interesting tale to tell, starting life as a garrison for soldiers in the mid 18th century, before becoming the home for freed slaves who settled here after their emancipation in the 1830s – but the bright paint job didn't come until after the Apartheid era ended in the 1990s.

Today, it’s a vibrant and friendly area and the centre of Muslim life with a rich and tight-knit community, where you’ll find fascinating looking local shops as well as 10 mosques, and of course the odd interesting set of wheels…

I thought I might take this opportunity to introduce Dan properly (although if you read this blog regularly, you may already have seen him here and here). He’s the part-time photo magician for my blog, also my husband, and travelling buddy.

Our exploring comes to an end and we're plunged into the reality of hot traffic-laden city centre Cape Town, wandering along the main road back home, past a couple of rather dubious sounding establishments...

...Some eye-catching neon and an intriguing barber's shop on a corner called Yogi’s, which is closed when we pass, but  a quick look on Instagram reveals a cool interior and old barber-shop chairs. You can have a look here.

And a bright African-style plant pot reminding us we're still in South Africa!

An Apartment on Rose Street

Travelling to Cape Town soon and found love at first sight with this candy-coloured wonderland? Well guess what? You can actually stay in one of these chocolate-box houses during your stay! There's only one little sign that sets this apart from the other houses on the street, making La Rose B&B a best-kept secret in this area. After a bit of snooping, I find out this charming guesthouse offers eight vibrantly-decorated cosy en-suite rooms and that its owner loves making authentic crepes for guests, which you can enjoy on their breezy roof garden with views across all the colourful streets. You can book here.

That's it for today. But stay tuned, because we're off to a rooftop cinema... with a difference...

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