Thursday, 14 April 2016

Inside the Barbershop Hangouts of South Africa

I love it when something you didn’t realize you’d been looking for all your life, well actually maybe a month, conveniently lands in your lap. Yesterday I discovered this intriguing book
of photos by Simon Weller documenting the art of South African Township barbershops & salons.

Our South African road trip (which you might have read about here, here, here, here, hereherehere) was an adventure to be treasured, but there was one experience I couldn’t write about: a visit to the Wandu township, the friendliest place on earth home to some of the coolest looking barbershops and salons in the world – I’m not kidding. Usually If I do something amazing, I like to make sure I share it with you as soon as I can, but my camera died the morning of the trip, so I couldn’t take any photos. So for today, let's live vicariously through this beautiful coffee table book published in 2009 filled with the charming signage art unique to these social hubs in the local black townships.

Buy your copy from Amazon here, for as little as £5.

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  1. These are truly amazing photographs. So colourful in juxtaposition to a lot of poverty. Yet the art serves to draw in the customers for a chat and a haircut as it does all the world over.