Friday, 1 April 2016

The Ultimate Gift for the Cult Movie Fan

If like me, you're an obsessive list writer, are particular about the kind of stationary you use (not too girly, flowery, gushy) and are partial to a rainy Saturday night in slouching on the
couch, an old movie on TV, I think you'll like what I'm about to show you.

Introducing the 'Your Room is Ready' box set of fictional TV and movie hotel notepads, from the ever-stylish publisher of quirky city guides, maps and other travel accessories, Herb Lester Associates. I've been lusting after them ever since I spotted them on Instagram last year, but they flew off the shelves and I've been keeping my eye on them ever since. 

Now, not only are they back in stock, two more hotel notepads have been added to the collection, making eight in total. Write notes from The Taft (The Graduate), The Overlook (The Shining), Bertram's Hotel (Agatha Christie), The Empire Hotel (Vertigo), Windsor Arms (National Lampoons' European Vacation),  Kellerman's Resort (Dirty Dancing), The Great Northern Hotel (Twin Peaks) and The Green Man Inn (The Wicker Man) – all of which you can buy in this handy box for £18, or some (not all) are available separately for £3 here.

It's never too early to start putting together your Christmas list, is it?


  1. Love these Ellie! Kellerman's all the way for me!! Bringing back memories this morning. I bought my friend the Herb Lester Iceland map, she loved it. Quirky and reasonably priced too :-) XX

    1. Me too - I just ordered up my box. I love that the maps are so full of information, beautifully designed and still around only £4. And make great pressies.

    2. And I don't know if you're a fan of Secret Cinema, but it's all about Dirty Dancing this year so I'm told...

  2. Ooohhh,thaks for that. Off to look. Been married 25 years this year and doing something different every month to celebrate, needless to say oor first dance was from DD! :-) Xx