Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Groovy Band from Texas and their Dreamy 60s-inspired Thai Funk

Here's a little something to brighten up your afternoon in the office: music I guarantee will soothe your tired soul and transport you to a more laid-back, sun-soaked, breezy time
and place... Introducing Khruangbin, (you say it 'Krung-bin') an amazing new band from Texas that play dreamy, surfy, reverby tunes influenced by 1960s Thai funk music – apparently between them they have an awesome cassette collection. I'm really no music expert - far from it - but I happened to stumble upon them at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton last weekend, twangling away dreamily in a tiny packed-out room on the seafront drizzled in disco-ball shimmer. It was the perfect antidote to the lashing wind, driving rain and crashing waves outside and pretty much blew anything else out the water (pun intended) I listened to at the festival. So go, grab a fruity cocktail, get comfy and let this be the anthem to your summer 2016! 

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