Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How to Have the Best Holiday

I want to share the best travel tip ever. Whenever we go away on a trip, Dan says it always takes me a day to get into the swing of things, which is annoying ("Get a grip, you're on
holiday ffs," I tell myself) – but my funny friend and long-time travel partner, Alfie, once gave me this piece of advice which has stuck:

"On any trip, as soon I get to the hotel I like to nest. I unpack my entire suitcase, hang things up and put them in drawers. I arrange my products in the bathroom, lay magazines from the journey out on the table, put the book I've brought to read by the bed, so it's like I'm at home. Then I feel ready for my holiday."

It's such an obvious and simple idea. So now, before following Dan's lead, i.e. throw bags into the room and hit the streets immediately – I nest.

(Photo by Hamilton Wright)

Psst. How to read the menu on holiday.


  1. I always have to get my pjs out and under my pillow when I arrive and all my toiletries into the bathroom, not so bothered about everything else!

    1. Do you really put PJs under the pillow? That's so sweet!

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