Thursday, 23 June 2016

My New York Basket Bag

I'm a bit obsessed with basket bags and here's my latest one from Clare V. Kenya bag from Steven Alan in New YorkIt's amazing because it's not too big; not too small. It's just right but you can fit so much into it. There's also a pretty tan leather purse inside for all those annoying things that tend to disappear into the bottom-of-bag vortex. It's great for work, picnics, the beach, swimming, shopping, out and about.... everything.


  1. I've just been to look at the bag on the Clare V site and it's lush. It's worth it. Some things are. I'm not a great one for designer label IT bags but I don't mind paying for something which I genuinely like, like this. It's the perfect colour, design and size. All the reasons you said. Now ... I shall have to stalk this and find out how I can own one of these!

    1. I do think it was a little out my price range, but it's v good quality and a timeless style. Would you describe this as an IT bag? I did get a bit of a discount in NY - there are always sales going on over there. I'll keep my eye out for you Susie SoSo.