Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My New Vintage 'Campervan'

I love camping and get excited for my trip each year. But, I won't lie. I'm always little bit jealous of the people with camper vans who don't have to faff around pitching their tent in
the damp and dark. They just rock up, park and they're done! Lately, I've been making an effort to keep an eye out for a camper van to buy - especially an old Volkswagen, my dream! But on my search, somehow I came across this!

 Introducing Ford's 1959 Push-Button Country Squire Station Wagon. She looks like something Barbie might have used. That wood trim, pink interior, matching pop top, striped canopy... boat... I bet you can already picture the scene as you rock up to the campsite...

While you collect yourself, let me tell you a bit more about it. First of all, to the untrained eye, this Country Squire station wagon (fans of the movie Vacation will know it better as the Griswold family truckster – more on that later) might look like Ford's once popular family sedan with a small boat on the top. It is, but there's more to it. This is what you get when dabbles in trying to fit everything a potential camper would need while driving the whole family around day to day. The retro version of Pimp My Ride, if you like.

Push a few buttons and this is when the magic happens... First, the boat flips over to hang on one side of the car, ready to be lowered into the water for a spot of father-son bonding over some fishing. Out from under it pops a two-man tent. Lower the boot and out slides a kitchen complete with an electric fridge, running water and stove. Oh, and don't forget if it's too sunny or starts to rain, push another button to use the handy fold-over canopy! No one can argue that this is nothing short of marvellous!

Although this beautiful machine had the potential to bring joy to millions of American families in the post-war years - and indeed modern-day camping fans with retro tastes, this dream machine didn't actually make it past the prototype stage. However, all is not lost because we do have the pleasure of this promotional video which gives us a hilarious tour of the car. "For a guy who likes gadgets, here's the ultimate – a station wagon with everything you could want for camping or life on the road, including a life boat and behind the tailgate, a complete kitchen! So while Dad's out boating, mum can get the meal ready... in case he doesn't come back with any fish. This buggy really has everything... all controlled by push button."


(Via Dioramas and Clever Things)

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  1. I'm sure I had one of these for my Sindy doll.