Friday, 1 July 2016

Stories about Strangers

Instagram can be useful when it comes to travel and finding those hidden-gem restaurants and places to go. But it's a good place to do a bit of online people watching if you find yourself bored at work on a Friday afternoon. Take Alex Mendes and Hugo Catraio, for example. Two Londoners who have turned people-watching into account called, We Never Met, in which they imagine short stories about strangers they never actually speak to. Some of them are hilarious but also quite touching. Here are a few of my favourites…

Above: "The search for the perfect gelato goes on. So far, bubble gum is still her favourite."

“A self-proclaimed French-films lover. So far only watched Amélie Poulain.”

Heartbreak in the modern era. "I think I've just been swiped left."

"I wear this because I'm shy. It's my conversation starter."

"I hired a Fiat 500 online, but apparently they ran out of it."

 "A kid once gave me his hot wheels car as a tip. Of course a minute later he started crying, changed his mind and got it back. But it was sweet anyway".

As stepmum and stepdaughter, they didn't really get along at first. It all changed when they've agreed to once a week pick each other's clothes.

"Whatever happened to Lesley? Why do babies these days have to be named Apple? September? Emoji?"

What some might call a glass half full duo."You know a trip will be fun when your lugagge goes missing and your friend suggests visiting a charity shop."

"If I had to describe my style I'd say it's sober, with just the right pinch of joy."

"Society expects us to have big plans for the weekend. But society also wants us to have watched whole series on Netflix. Society, pick one mate."

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