Monday, 22 August 2016

Vintage Holiday Magazine

Do you like reading old magazines? I like to flick through old copies of LIFE in the Vin Mag shop in Brighton, but today I've a new one to enjoy called Holiday, the glossy American
Mad Men-era travel magazine originally published during the 40s, 50s, and 60s, aimed at the cocktail-party-loving post-War jetsetter. I discovered it on an appropriately named blog called The Astounding World of Holiday Magazine – which belongs to Holiday-magazine-obsessed journalist, Josh Leiberman, and is full of scans of old covers and articles that look so dreamy.

In Holiday, travel was men in fedoras flicking open silver-plated cigarette cases in the boarding area, and society swans pirouetting to their seats, Louis Vuitton hatboxes swinging from gloved forearms. And every copy, while promising a glimpse at enchanting cultures and lives, reminded readers that travel was coveted and special—and had nothing to do with taking off one’s shoes to go through a scanner,” says a recent Vanity Fair article.  

It was created at a time when cosmopolitain travel was booming and it was exciting to go to Europe on a passenger liner and what's astonishing is its star-studded cast of writers and artists: the likes of Papa Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck, Truman Capote, Joan Didion... and glossy reportage photography by Slim Aarons and Henri Cartier-Bresson. 

An article from March 1958 on living in Brooklyn, New York, featuring Truman Capote with photographs by Slim Aarons

Even adverts enticing readers to subscribe were glamorous and exciting...



  1. Oh yes, I love my Holiday Magazines...Each one is a treasure!!
    ~Cooks Falls Lodge~

    1. Oh wow - do you have a collection? I have one so far - on NYC!