Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Cool Brighton Homes for Sale

Browsing real estate websites is totally addictive, don't you think? Today, I thought we could do a little bit of day dreaming over a few of my recent finds, because behind
Brighton's sea-weathered facades, there are some stunning seaside homes.

Secret Tunnel to the Beach included!

Five-Bedroom Regency Townhouse on Arundel Terrace in Kemp Town

More details here.

A Sleek Four-Bedroom Townhouse in Clifton, the Notting Hill of Brighton...

A Three-Bedroom Parisian Apartment in Hove, actually 

More details here.

A Six-Bedroom New York-Style Townhouse in the Centre of Town (Complete with Sauna!)

More details here

A Very English Five-Bedroom Townhouse with Private Balcony on a Leafy Square...

More details here.

A Pretty Cottage with its Very Own Shop in Clifton 


More details here.

A Five-Bedroom Grand Designs-Style Swank-Pad with a Walk-in Wardrobe and an Amazing View


More details here.

A Three-Bedroom Apartment in a Listed Building with... His and Hers Sinks!

More details here.


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