Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Art You Can Eat

Have you seen these amazing cakes... that don't actually look like cakes? I came across them the other day and can't stop telling everyone about them! They're the work of the Tattooed
Bakers, aka Eddie Lebeau & Richard Amon, two genius food artists who bake bespoke cakes that don't actually look like you can eat them. Like this amazing knitting cake. Look at those colours. And all the tiny details! Even if you zoom in close it's hard to tell it's cake not wool, but they assure me you can eat every last piece, even down to the little knitting needles on the top! Mindblowing. They'll make anything, from 14ft gingerbread houses and life-size rainbow-filled unicorns to landmark buildings and cars. Here are some more... 

(Chocolate tiffin black pudding, chocolate baked beans, cake truffle sausages and tomato, marzipan bacon and vanilla cake toast... in case you were wondering!)

They also make a few chocolate creations, too, which you can order from their website like this white Belgian chocolate Mr & Mrs Mixtape, milk chocolate chocolate rainbow unicorn and red tattoo love heart piñata filled with little love hearts!

Find out more about the Tattooed Bakers and order your next bespoke cake here.SaveSave


  1. Absolutely incredible! Too spectacular to eat! (It's Chantal from the chantalloupe instagram btw). I have no idea why I am only alllowed to comment using my daughter's 10 year old youtube channel name lol.

    1. Chantal! SO lovely to hear from you on here :-) Yes these cakes... I almost want to order one for myself! The comment system is a pain.. but you can definitely use the Name/URL option without putting in the URL. You can just type your name :-)

  2. So entrancing!!! WANT the balls of wool cake!!

  3. Replies
    1. I know, right?! They just made a full size R2DT and C3PO too! Amazing! So much cake! x