Saturday, 19 November 2016

Our 60s-Inspired London Winter Wedding

Today, Dan and I have been married for five years. FIVE YEARS. So in case you're in a blog-reading mood, I thought we could celebrate and flick through the wedding

We chose a big city winter wedding because we both love London, the build up to Christmas and a party! We got married at Marylebone Town Hall and took all of our amazing guests on a Routemaster bus across the city to the Institute of Contemporary Arts for food, drinks and dancing.  

It wasn't long before my Dad and sisters lost it to the waterworks...

No wedding would be complete without an action confetti shot. 

We had some pictures of us taken on The Mall. 

I'm not a traditionalist or a bridezilla, so ordered a giant carrot cake from Rachael's Kitchen in Sussex, and left them to design the decorations on the top. It came as a complete surprise on the day – what an amazing sight covered in fresh figs, red grapes, amaryllis and gold glitter.

The love this accidental behind-the-scenes shot of my friend Alfie and me taking a breather in the ICA toilets!

Our guest book is still one of our most treasured wedding presents, created by my fabulous friend Anouschka who took Polaroid pictures of everyone to go with the messages they left. 

Our photographer, Joanna Brown, set up a fun photobooth...

And I might have gatecrashed the DJ booth...

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this little flick through the family album.

The End. 

Professional photos by Joanna Brown Photography.


  1. ahhhh, such lovely memories of a really gorgeous day!!! xxx

  2. Oh how cool was your wedding! And I love the sixties vibe of it all - infact I thought it was a genuine pic of a sixties wedding at first.

    I did the same as you - had polaroids/fujisnaps taken of the guests and they all signed messages to us. It's such a nice keepsake.

    1. Thanks Sue. I'm drawn to the 60s but didn't intentionally choose it to look 60s if that makes sense. With the style of photos, it kind of came together that way. Photo guest books are a great idea :-) x

  3. It was a lovely day. Some shots of Ian in the background too. xxx

  4. Replies
    1. I know... can't believe it was 5 years ago! x

  5. What a gorgeous day, the CAKE looks amazing!! Xx

  6. These pictures gave a little bit of goosebumps-the whole atmosphere is so romantic and bright-and just the right balance between glam and effortless. Congrats on the five year anniversary!

  7. Wow Ellie!! Too cool!! What a wonderful way to celebrate a union of marriage. I love the 60's theme and you nailed it!! Also, never shy away from photos showing your beauty and outgoing and I'm sure, catching personality!! You are both super!! Thanks for the moments! Cheers to you and Dan!
    ~Cooks Falls Lodge~

    1. Joanne I just spotted this beautiful comment. So sweet. You are right - need to be less camera shy! Hope all is well with you x