Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A Snowy Forest Hiding in a Brighton Cocktail Bar

Snuggle up in a faux fur coat and grab a rum-laced hot chocolate. Then sit back and watch as snowflakes fall softly through the air, foxes dart in front of your feet, inquisitive reindeer
run through the snow, flocks of birds fly past… If this festive woodland scene sounds like the recipe for your Christmas mood, here’s something I think you might like.

Welcome to Woodlandia! Brighton’s answer to Narnia, an immersive festive experience at a cosy little place called Patterns tucked back from Brighton seafront. Just push open the big front door and you'll be dancing amid the swirling snow to the glow of a Victorian lamppost, while you sip on a wintery cocktail…

When the team decided it was time to get in the Christmas spirit, it wasn't going to be enough to dust off that old box of tinsel from the attic. Oh no. They had big ideas for the people of Brighton. Inspired by Britain’s woodlands and the wild outdoors, they've created a pop-up winter wonderland with the help of genius local digital artist, Thomas Buckley, who has transformed this contemporary cafe bar into an enchanting forest filled with digital projections of falling snow and dancing wildlife. 

The idea is that we're walking around the snowy forest with a sense of wonder for the natural world and have just discovered our very own secret cabin in the woods, complete with comfy old leather sofas and worn-in chairs, and old day bed, a bathtub, Christmas trees and festive foliage, sheepskin blankets and throws. 

For the hungry and thirsty explorer, there are tasty festive snacks on offer and a mindblowing cocktail menu. The Santa's Little Helper hot dog wrapped in a blanket of crispy bacon, dripping with melted camembert cheese and topped with cranberry sauce and fried Brussels sprout leaves is a must, washed down with a delicious Black Forest cocktail made with hot chocolate and a splash of bourbon topped with cherry liquor, garnished with berries and whipped cream.

Woodlandia is open for four months from November to February, giving the installation time to evolve and grow with the seasons, after Christmas seeing the forest thaw and turn green with the first flushes of spring. 

If this doesn't get you in the Christmas mood, I don't know what will. 

Find Patterns at 10 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TL. 


  1. Absolutely brilliant! As a person who resides in a Canadian forest, it looks like my yard at the moment (minus the sofas) LMAO! To tell you the truth I would prefer to experience these conditions in a restaurant setting than in real life lol! (I hate cold and snow).

    1. Only 5 more months of winter to go!.....

  2. this looks lovely els! saturday??

    1. I thought the same! But it's the other end of town... I'll have a think!

    2. oh that's annoying. ah well, next time :)