Friday, 2 December 2016

Meet the Ice Skating Cocktail Waiters

This has been making me laugh! While I do love an excuse to nip to a festive pub for a mulled wine or four over the holiday season, how good would it be if we didn't have to tussle for space at the crowded bar... but could click our fingers and out pirouettes our very own waiter on skates, coat tails flapping, with your next round of drinks - all without spilling a drop! Now that, my eggnog-loving friends, would be a Christmas drinks party to look forward to!

If you went on holiday to the Grand Hotel les Bains in St Moritz, Switzerland, in the 1920s and 30s, this is the service you’d expect. This winter playground of the rich and famous, was famous for the serving of drinks on its ice terrace by skating waiters, made famous by head waiter Renee Breguet, pictured above.

Obviously these kind of skills took some time to perfect, and watching the dramatic stacks were half the fun. Luckily, the press, including LIFE magazine’s Alfred Eisenstaedt was on hand to capture the scene of the resort’s golden age… 

I wonder how many bones were broken and delicious cocktails lost in the quest to perfect the art of the skating waiter? The mind boggles...

Obviously, while the waiters perfected their turns and toe loops, the rich and famous hung out at the ice bar...

Make mine a triple Baileys with a twizzle!

Via the Life Archives and Mashable