Monday, 26 June 2017

Magical Memories of Glastonbury

This weekend, the giant beast of an otherworldly gathering that is the Glastonbury Festival took place in the Somerset countryside in south-west England. A celebration of life, earth

and music, that over the years has grown to become the biggest outdoor festival in the world, and not surprisingly it's almost impossible to get tickets. Last year, the Ellie & Co team scored two after trying every year for six years to get them. A year on, experiencing it still feels like a dream, so this weekend was spent mostly reminiscing on last year's weird and wonderful, magical and muddy Glastonbury Festival adventures. Here are a few photos if you'd like to see...

Oh, just a bit of an aeroplane in a field... ↓

The smallest mobile solar-powered cinema in the world (blog post coming soon on this alone!)

Loved that you could post yourself a memory home from the festival...

One of the stages was a recreation of a favela...

Dan trying tight-rope walking – waaaaay harder than it looks.

An emergency at the mobile hair salon!

The award for the most effort goes to these two - her entire body is BLUE!

It's only mud!

Kept seeing these Mexican wrestler guys everywhere. They got into this pose and character with no prompting! They saw the camera and went for it...

Crooner's Corner!

Sunset over The Glade


Oh look, those Mexican wrestlers again

For when it all gets too much, you head to the 'confusion' hotline...

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