Monday, 5 June 2017

Instagram's Most Incredible Mermaid

What people inspire you? I know life envy and flicking through social media too much aren't healthy pastimes, but... as a desk-bound writer in rainy England, I love that Instagram can transport me to exotic places and new worlds and teach me about brave people living adventurous lives that are completely different to my own.

Like the incredible Kimi Werner, a champion free-diving spearfisherwoman who lives in Hawaii, can hold her breath for four minutes 45, fishes with nothing but a spear and a knife and once caught a 165b yellow fin tuna.

She grew up on a remote part of Maui and was taught how to freedive for her food by her father; skills which soon became a way of life and passion she's turned into an amazing profession as a speaker and activist – and star of her own show on National Geographic called Living Free.

After an underwater hunting expedition, she cracks open a cold beer, cleans and prepares her daily catch before turning them into delicious healthy dishes like fish tacos – before posting it all on Instagram.

 Follow Kimi Werner on Instagram here.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, inspiring escapism.

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