Monday, 21 August 2017

How to Watch a Solar Eclipse, circa 1960

If you're sad to be missing out on seeing the US solar eclipse, this collection of cute vintage photos from the LIFE magazine archive will cheer you up. They were taken by

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Paintings that Look Like Photographs

Even if you look super closely at it, it's virtually impossible to tell that this is a painting and not a photograph. It's so clear and look at all that detail on the face. Amazing! Yigal

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Chocolate in the Coolest Packaging

I'm a sucker for cool packaging and obv love chocolate, so my jaw dropped when I came across two in one – this delicious handmade chocolate in enticing whimsically

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

My Secret Garden in Brighton

Last winter I fell in love with Brighton all over again when I discovered this amazing secret garden I had no idea existed! I was taking walk around the neighbourhood park minding my own business, when I decided to take an impromptu turn. Turns out few other people in the neighbourhood know about it either, so I went to see it in bloom and simply had to share.

To the left of the entrance to Preston Manor in Preston Park just a 10 minute stroll from my house you'll find a gravel pathway that takes you up to a little church complete with churchyard out the front. Follow the path up, but don't go as far as the church, instead turn to your right where you'll see a cool old wonky gravestone...

Walk down the steps through the gate next to it and you'll find yourself in the back gardens of the old manor house.

Follow the path along past the back of the house with its huge sweeping lawn which every year hosts a pop-up cinema... walk right to the end of the path and turn left at the end down some steps...

Stopping to take in the view over the lawns to the side of the church...

Walk a little bit further – we're nearly there – and on the right, you'll find the entrance we're looking for...

Welcome to my secret Brighton garden – an old Edwardian walled garden where the owners of the manor house once grew herbs and vegetables. Today, it's open for everyone to enjoy – if they find out about it! It's the perfect escape hatch filled with cosy corners, thinking benches and flower beds bursting with foliage and although it's pretty compact, it's easy to lose hours exploring its cobbled paths.

In the south-west corner of the garden is its most curious sight – lots of miniature headstones lining the bottom of the flint wall. This is what's known as the Preston Manor Dog Cemetery, home to the graves of 14 dogs and 2 cats – including George the Pavilion Cat, who once lived at at the pavilion to help catch rats and mice, a Victorian practice that's being introduced so I've heard.

It's a magical walk underneath this covered archway which looks amazing from spring onwards and so pretty when the sunlight speckles through it.

...eventually leading to the best part: an amazing pond covered in stunning lily pads and home to a school of the brightest orange fish which obviously wouldn't come out when I wanted to take a photo.

So there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed your private tour of my secret garden in Brighton. It's such a cool little spot for a romantic picnic, to just sit and contemplate things – or even a marriage proposal!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Fruity Flowery DIY Ice Bucket

Or, how to trick everyone into thinking you're naturally gifted at DIY party pieces. The only ice bucket in my life to date is a retro silver number with matching tongs –

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Amazing Vanishing Stepwells of India

What's the most mysterious sight you've encountered on a trip? For me, it's got to be one of these beguiling Indian 'stepwells' Mr Ellie & Co and I discovered one hot day

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Home Inspiration: Colourful Chinese Lanterns

How beautiful are these Chinese lanterns? Some of them are silk and others made of paper. They're a great way to add quirkiness and colour to a room. I wouldn't have