Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Alfred Hitchcock's Haunted House Party

Do you celebrate halloween? I don't particularly but I would if I could throw or get an invite to a party like this! In 1953, just as he was about to embark on his next film, The
Wrong Man, the master of horror and suspense himself, Mr Alfred Hitchcock decided to throw a haunted house party at a townhouse in New York on East 80th Street unearthed by his team of location scouts.

He created an eerie set using ancient furniture, dusty drapes, and coffin shaped bars, while spooky moans and groans echoed from hidden speakers. 

Guests received tombstone-shaped invitation cards enclosed with a bizarre menu featuring 'morbid morgue mussels, suicide suzettes, home-made fried homicide, ragout of reptile, charcoal broiled same-witch legs, corpse croquettes...' you get the picture! 

He also created the figure of a dying man in one of the beds upstairs to give any unsuspecting snooping guests a fright! 

Happy Halloween!

Images by Joel Yale for Life Magazine.

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