Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Brighton's Secret Movie Club

Curling up on a slouchy sofa with a large glass of wine at this cinema (after an insanely delicious dinner at this hidden gem restaurant) is one of my favourite nights out in Brighton.
Seeing as I also love finding out about little-known places and unique things to do around town, I was excited to read about Brighton's new secret movie club and had to share!

White Wall Cinema shows all-time classic movies in cosy venues around the city. The 'secret' part is you don't find out what film you're going to see until the curtain goes up. (They post clues on their Facebook page leading it up to screenings so you might be able to guess...) For their first film night, they screened Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket at Proud Cabaret and everyone gets free popcorn.

Find out more about Brighton's secret movie club, here.

(Movie theatre photo, by Nina Leen)

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