Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Summer of 1978 in St Tropez

Warning: this post features boobs, bulges, and bronzed-up bodies ahead…

'Sexy' isn't a word I'd immediately think of if you were to say 'English beach in summer'. There, I've said it. Tacky definintely: those crowds of sun-starved Brits stripping off at the sight of a sunbeam, pint in one hand, bag of chips in the other... Charming, too, at a push if we're thinking architecturally - all those crumbling Victorian facades... 

I know I might be making myself sound like a snobby b*tch, it's true there are some beautiful people and beaches in this country. But still... there's always room for improvement in life, so today, in a bid to up our 'seaside resort chic' game, I'm suggesting we take a little inspiration from the sophisticated St Tropeziennes who spend the summer of 78 shamelessly flirting, sun-worshipping and strutting their stuff on the beach – not a bag of chips, pint of beer, roll of fat in sight.

They were captured by photographer Elliott Erwitt who went spying on the beautiful people of St. Tropez for us in 1978 and came up with these pretty rad photographs (each one available to buy as a print by the way). 

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