Thursday, 9 August 2018

The 80s LA Supermarket Made of Felt

Do you remember the girl who created an entire New York bodega out of felt at the Standard Hotel on the High Line in New York? She also once revived an abandoned corner shop in

London’s Bethnal Green and filled it with fuzzy delights....

Well, the highly talented artist British Lucy Sparrow has struck again – this time transforming a space at the Standard Hotel in Downtown LA into the Sparrow Mart, a chain supermarket straight out of the 1980s. Yes, you guessed it, it's made entirely out of felt…

It's called the Sparrow Mart, and it opened to the public at the start of this month, after an intense year of sewing with her five assistants. "I got through 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in about three months" she told New York Magazine's The Cut in the video below.

The result is a full-size mini mart packed with an eye-popping 31,000 felty products – 31,000! There are packets of Oreo cookies, tins of Spam, packets of Tampax, fresh produce, videotape rentals, a cold meat counter, and a frozen food section! – all of it so real looking yet made of felt. Even down to the ATM machine and cash register. Oh, and did I mention that it’s all for sale?

If like me you don't live in LA and won't get to shop at the Sparrow Mart before it closes at the end of August, we'll just have to make do with this blog post... and let Lucy give us a little tour and guide us through how she made it in this cool video. 

Shop the Sparrow Mart until 31 August at the Standard Hotel in LA.

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  1. Someone get me a moon pie and some frosted flakes, please!

  2. Sara! Me too! Love the look of moon pie x